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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Appendix A: Checklist
Below is a sample checklist. You should use this as a
guideline, and create your own checklist that reflects
your particular equipment setup.
Does the computer boot up and function.
Is your music up-to-date. Do you have any new
CDs that need to be copied to the computer.
Are all computer cables, power adaptors, and
accessories packed and ready.
Are the microphones and cables ready, and are
the mics charged up if wireless/rechargeable.
Do you have extra batteries on hand for
anything that requires them.
Are your tip jar, business cards, and Karaoke
song books packed up and ready.
Is your backup equipment charged and ready
iPod, CD player, etc.
Are you dressed appropriately for the event.
Did you shower and shave.
Do you have driving directions, a map, or a
phone number handy in case you have difficulty
finding the location. Is your phone charged.
Do you have a digital camera or camera phone.
Is it charged, and is there room on the memory
Hand Sanitizer, Bug Spray, Sunscreen.
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