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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Chapter 14: Downsides
There are some downsides to being a DJ, especially
when you work every weekend at the same bar or
First, you will get burned out on the hours, especially
if you have a day job or other business to tend to
during the daytime hours. You may find yourself
having to take an afternoon nap before work, or
simply being too tired to perform at your best.
Second, you will get tired of playing the same songs
every single night. Anything that is currently popular
will get requested every night, not necessarily by the
same customer. Imagine listening to your local pop
station every day – it becomes much like that. Then of
course you have your over-played staples (“Stairway
to Heaven", “Friends in Low Places", “Freebird").
You will also find certain annoying customers who
show up every single night with their annoying
requests that nobody else wants to hear. It's difficult to
be rude and say no, but sometimes you have to make
that decision and politely decline the request.
You may also have to deal with co-workers
(bartenders) who are difficult to deal with. They may
try to tell you how to do your job, mess with your
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