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So You Want To Be A DJ.
are shy in public settings, always keep in mind: I'm
. I am
The J-Man
Whatever DJ name you choose will have its own
personality, and you become that person when you are
Larger Crowds
My first large venue was a town festival where I
hosted Karaoke at the town grounds. This was a
volunteer job, but it paid off in the end, as I handed
out many business cards. I was nervous though this
was the first time I had to DJ in front of more than a
thousand people.
The way I handled it was that I sang the first song. I
figured that once I got that out of the way, anything
else I had to do on the microphone would be easy in
comparison. I sang
Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Georgia Satellites.
After that, announcing the next
singer, or introducing the band that followed my gig,
came easily.
It's a lot like diving right into a pool to get used to the
water, rather than trying to ease your way in. Once
you dive in, it becomes very comfortable for the rest
of the day.
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