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So You Want To Be A DJ.
You don't need to get it in writing, but before you take
their picture you should inform the guest that you are
doing so, and what you intend to do with it. In most
cases, the guest will simply say ôSure, no problem".
If, however, they say no, make sure to respect their
Local Businesses
Many grocery stores, local bars, and convenience
stores have a bulletin board where businesses are
allowed to post a flier or business card. When
someone is looking for a DJ, and they prefer to hire
someone local, this can be a great tool. After a while,
people in your area will become familiar with you,
and they may hire you simply because they've seen
you at other parties, and they know that their guests
will be satisfied with the entertainment.
Go out and meet other DJs. You can use this to your
advantage in many ways. First off, from a customer's
perspective you can get a feel for what works and
what doesn't. Pay attention to the DJ's voice, music
choices, and the crowd's reaction. You can learn a lot
by watching, as well as talking to the DJ.
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So You Want To Be A DJ? Home | Buy Paperback | Virtual DJ Studio

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