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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Simply posting a comment about a gig, along with a
few photos, will help people see what kind of work
you do. When visitors view your photos and read all
about the parties you have DJ'd, they will want that
for their party.
Photos that you post should show the crowd having a
good time. You can include pictures of yourself, but
you should focus more on the guests. If someone
wants to hire a DJ, they want to see their friends
having fun. They won't be interested in a bunch of
pictures of the DJ himself.
A personal website is another tool that will bring
business. If you can be found via Google, you will
have an advantage over other DJs in the area. Your
website should of course include photos, as well as
information on your rates, what kind of music you
have, and anything else that might help sell your
Get Permission
If you plan to take pictures for FaceBook, your own
website, or any other online medium, make sure to ask
the guests if it is okay before you start snapping
photos. This is especially important at bars and clubs,
since some guests may not want their presence at the
establishment to be publicly known.
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