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So You Want To Be A DJ.
business to make money. You should also inform
friends that the price you gave them is
for them
so if they refer a friend of theirs, that friend can expect
to pay full price.
Always Demand a Deposit
One important point is to make sure to get a deposit
whenever you are going to hold a date. This is
especially important during the busy months (spring
and summer), and if the event is on a Friday or
Saturday. All too often, someone asks you to DJ a
party or event on a certain date, only to cancel at the
last minute. Perhaps the weather didn't hold out as
expected, or for whatever reason, the client decides to
cancel or postpone the event.
Meanwhile, you have held that date and perhaps
turned down other offers for the same day. The
deposit ensures that you have been compensated for
holding the date. Generally I ask for $100 just to hold
the date. You should always provide a receipt either
something you print up on your computer, or a simple
receipt book, but in either case make sure that it
specifies that the deposit is
It's also a good idea to get paid
up front
. If something
happens and the party ends sooner than expected, the
customer might try to pay you less than full price. If
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