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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Sundays or during the week so that my Fridays and
Saturdays are free for paying gigs.
Friends and Family
For family members or close friends, it's okay to offer
a discount of course. However, beware that once you
establish your “discount" rate with one friend or
family member, it will be expected that you work for
that same rate for anyone else close to you. As a rule,
I give family and friends half of my normal price.
Once you go lower than that, it will become expected.
do a friend's or family member's party for
free – you will never recover from that! That family
member, and others they have talked to, will expect
the same treatment for a long time.
Another thing to consider, make sure that when you
agree to a friend's event, you can absolutely hold that
date for them. If you later get an offer for full price on
the same date, you can't just cancel on your friend.
Just because you offer a discount doesn't mean that
you can get away with less than professional service.
You can still potentially get future work from
friends if they like the job you do.
As a rule, I generally talk my friends and family into
having their parties on a Sunday or a weekday; this
way, I can keep my Fridays and Saturdays open for
paying gigs. After all, you are in this
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