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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Make sure to drop off a business card any time a new
bar opens up or reopens under new management.
They may have a DJ when they first open, but in most
cases they aren't going to settle for the first DJ they try
out. They will eventually hire the one DJ who makes
the best impression, the one customers talk about.
Even if you aren't the one they settle on, at least get a
trial gig. This will give you some experience, and get
your foot in the door. If they like you and you are a
good fit for their regular crowd, it could turn into a
regular, every week job.
Free Gigs
It is always a good idea, especially when you are first
starting out, to offer your services for free or at a deep
discount for certain types of work. This works well for
charity benefits or town events. I personally do two
breast cancer benefits each year; for one, I believe in
the cause, and secondly it gets my name out there. It
also looks good that I volunteer my time people
respect that, and may be more apt to hire me over
another DJ if they know that I also perform for
charitable events.
Note by the way, these events are usually on a Sunday
this avoids interfering with any paying gigs I may
have offered to me. I try to keep voluntary gigs on
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