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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Chapter 12: Marketing Yourself
The most important marketing tool you have at your
disposal is
word of mouth
. The person who hired you
for one gig will likely recommend you to their friends
if you do a good job. Make sure the customer knows
that it is okay for them to pass along your telephone
number, Facebook page, or web/email address to their
There is also self-marketing. If you do a good job at
one party, there are many guests there that may have
events coming up. They may come up to you asking
for your phone number, email address, or business
card. Always make sure you have business cards as
well as a reliable telephone number.
Which brings me to my third point: business cards.
They do not have to be fancy, multi-colored, 3D or
holographic. Your business card should simply
convey what it is that you do, perhaps with a nifty
graphic, and contact information. Make sure to
include your Facebook URL, Twitter handle, email
address, and of course your telephone number. I get
most of my gigs via Facebook these days, but of
course trends will change as times change, so always
keep your business cards updated with the latest
method of contact.
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