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So You Want To Be A DJ.
you switch from one music style to another. Crude,
abrupt transitions are highly noticeable and can really
draw attention to the DJ. It's best if the guests never
notice you except for when you want them to, such as
when you are making an important announcement.
Sometimes when you work a bar or club, you may be
asked to
disrupt the music flow every
few songs. Club owners know that as long as people
are dancing, the cas
h registers are not ringing; by
disrupting the flow with a non-dance song, the guests
will go back to their seats and buy drinks, keeping the
bar in business.
Sound Volume
Many DJs are simply
too loud
. If you are in a small
bar, club, or event hall, make sure to walk around
once you have started playing music. Make sure
people aren't having to shout over the music to
each other talk. Sometimes the DJ doesn't realize how
loud the music is from behind the DJ table, so the
walk-around is extremely important.
You should also do a walk-around periodically as the
crowd changes. As more people show up, you may
need to go a little louder. If the place empties out, you
may wish to drop the volume a bit.
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