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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Avoiding Too Many Announcements
It isn't a good idea to make
many announcements.
There are other ways to transition from one music
style to another gracefully without seeming too
microphone happy.
One method that works, if you are very familiar with
the music you are playing, is to find what I like to call
transitional song
. For example, say you are playing
a set of Country music, and you want to transition to
Classic Rock. You can do this
announcement break by squeezing in something by
Lynyrd Skynyrd a song that can be considered both
Country and Rock. Such a song fits easily in between
Country and Rock, since it fits in
This works with a variety of different music styles, as
long as you can find a song that crosses the line from
one style to another.
Kid Rock is another good example; you can use it as
an intermediate between Rap and Rock. Use Metallica
to go from Metal to Mainstream Rock. With some
experience, and using your ears, you will find many
songs to help transition from one genre to another
without having to do an announcement break.
The bottom line is this: the music should always flow
smoothly, with some kind of break or transition when
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