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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Chapter 8: Playing Music
Now we get to the essence of being a DJ playing
music for the crowd. This is often the most fun part,
but it can also be frustrating at times especially
when you have a varied crowd. Your guests will often
range in age from teenagers who want the latest Lady
Gaga, to the grandparents who would prefer to hear
Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. So how do you keep
everyone happy.
It's not always easy, and in some cases you will
inevitably have an unhappy guest or two. Do not put
too much into that, as the guests who are intolerant of
music that does not interest them will be impossible to
please no matter what you do.
Occasionally, you will run into an unruly guest
someone who insists constantly that you play
music and nothing else. You have to learn to handle
such situations gracefully, which we will cover in
Chapter 11 in more detail.
In most cases, you have to learn to judge the crowd
and figure out what type of music is most appropriate.
One way to handle a mixed crowd is to play music in
. A set is where you group a few similar songs
together, followed by some kind of
. A
transition is where you interrupt the music flow for a
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