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So You Want To Be A DJ.
music. The venue holds that responsibility. If you are
DJing at a bar or club, they most likely already have
the appropriate licensing, since they probably have a
Juke Box on the premises. This license covers
public performance of any music licensed through
BMI and ASCAP, the two main companies holding
the rights to the vast majority of recorded music.
Please visit the following web pages for more
information on this often misunderstood topic:
The bottom line is this: you, as the DJ,
are not
for the licensing rights for the music that
you play. The people hiring you are the ones bearing
that responsibility.
Keeping Up To Date
Once you have your CD collection digitized on your
computer, you still need to keep up with new music as
it is released. One resource you may find useful is the
Billboard collections. Each month, the Billboard
group releases several CD sets, containing the latest
Pop, Alternative, Country, and other music formats.
You can subscribe to these CD collections, where you
will receive them each month, often before the songs
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