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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Chapter 7: Music Library
One of the most important things as a DJ is to
establish and maintain a good library of music. There
are many different resources available for purchasing
music. You can use the iTunes Store by Apple, as well
as a number of other internet resources. Of course you
can import your CD collection to your computer using
iTunes, Windows Media Player, and a number of
other programs.
I personally recommend, regardless of what software
you use to import your CD collection, that you rip
your music to standard MP3 format. This will ensure
that the songs are playable on
software program,
as well as any portable music player or CD. Other
formats may restrict your ability to play the files on a
different computer or device, should something
happen to your main DJ computer.
For PC users, there is a free program called
Audiograbber that does a nice job of ripping CDs and
even Karaoke discs to your hard drive.
Music Licensing
A question I am often asked is,
what about licensing
the music for public performance
. As it turns out,
you, the DJ, are
responsible for licensing the
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