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So You Want To Be A DJ.
For example, if you are DJing at a bar or club, you
may wish to jot down the name of the bartender, any
drink specials going on, and even the name of the bar.
It may seem obvious at the time, but when you are on
the spot it's very easy to forget such simple things. It
is quite embarrassing when you say the wrong bar
name or, worse yet, the wrong
name, out
Having all of the details written down for quick access
will ensure you say the right thing at the right time,
and you can alternate which specific things to
announce at each break to avoid sounding repetitive.
You might also write down any special requests,
dedications, or birthday announcements so that you
don't forget guests names when you are on the spot.
Be Enthusiastic!
When speaking and making announcements, you
should show enthusiasm. You are there to help the
guests have fun if you simply drone on when
making announcements, it can bring the mood down.
I have a phrase I came up with that helps practice, and
is also self-explanatory:
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