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So You Want To Be A DJ.
In the case of Microsoft Windows, it is recommended
that you
automatic update
feature, as this
will often start working when you least expect or want
it. Just make sure to manually check for updates to
Windows when you have time to do so. Some updates
take time to download and install, so make sure not to
do this immediately before a gig; instead, update your
system the day or night before.
DJ & Karaoke Software
There are many choices of DJ and Karaoke software
available. It is recommended that you try out several
different packages. Most DJ software will offer some
kind of free trial version which you can use to see if it
does what you need it to do. Which one is right for
you will mostly be a matter of personal preference.
Once you do decide on the perfect software for your
needs, it is best to
any other trial versions
you may have installed on your machine, just to keep
it clean.
Which one is right for you will depend on your needs
and preferences. Some programs handle video and
Karaoke. Many of them offer “scratch pads", that let
you mimic scratching a turntable. Others leave that
out and simply offer you more player controls.
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So You Want To Be A DJ? Home | Buy Paperback | Virtual DJ Studio

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