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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Keep it Clean
Your DJ computer is your livelihood. I always
recommend against using your “family" computer for
DJ work – your DJ computer should be a computer
specifically purchased for that purpose. You want to
keep all software and operating system updates
current, and avoid any situation where you might end
up with a computer virus.
If you are still tempted to use your daily-use computer
for DJ work, consider this: you are investing in all
kinds of audio equipment, microphones, speakers, etc.
Would you use your living room stereo speakers for
work. Most likely your DJ speakers would be used
only for that purpose. The same should apply to your
DJ computer – it should be selected and purchased for
that one purpose and not used for other things that
might compromise its integrity.
Anti-virus software should be run periodically,
however it is recommended that anti-virus software be
during a gig. Such software can often start
working without notice, possibly causing your DJ
software to glitch or slow down.
Avoid installing unnecessary software on your DJ
computer. Games, chat programs, or anything that
works in the background should be avoided. Be
especially weary of file-sharing software.
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