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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Note that some newer PCs do in fact come with high-
quality audio built-in; however, in many cases the
only way to get the best sound is to use an optical
connection, which your mixer will most likely
support. It is still recommended to use an external
audio adapter for the best performance.
Ground Loops
Ground Loop
is an electrical phenomenon where
there is more than one path to ground for your audio.
This happens when, for example, your audio
connection is grounded to your mixer via the audio
cables, and your laptop's AC adaptor also connects to
ground through the electrical outlet or surge protector.
Your sound will travel through both paths, causing
noise in your signal. This can sound like a “hum" or
“buzz", and often in the case of laptop computers, you
will also hear a “static" noise whenever the computer
accesses the hard drive.
There are many ways to avoid this. By far the simplest
method is, if your mixer has this option, to set the
mixer to “floating ground". This is usually a switch
located in the back near the power input or power
switch, that isolates the ground. However, most
inexpensive mixers do
have this feature.
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