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So You Want To Be A DJ.
In any case, if your computer has a fan at the bottom,
it is best not to place the machine on a table cloth or
other surface that will hamper the air flow. A hard,
smooth surface is ideal, as well as ensuring that the
vents are not obstructed by cables or other equipment.
If you plan to do a lot of outdoor gigs, you will want
to consider the
glare factor
. If the screen is extremely
shiny, it may be difficult to see in daylight. This is
where a canopy can be handy even on a sunny (not
rainy) day the canopy will help keep direct sunlight
off the computer screen.
It's best to view your computer screen in an outdoor
environment to ensure that glare won't be an issue.
Even a really shiny screen may do well if the
brightness can be brought up enough to overcome the
PC or Mac.
This is a question I am asked quite often. PC users are
often partial to their Microsoft Windows machines,
while Mac users insist that Apple provides the better
platform. There really is no wrong answer it's
simply a matter of personal preference.
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