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So You Want To Be A DJ.
For wireless microphones that require ordinary
alkaline batteries, never store them with the batteries
installed. If a few weeks go by and you forget about
them, alkaline batteries are prone to leakage and self-
draining. In this case it is probably best to start each
gig with a fresh set of batteries, or at minimum keep
some extras on hand so you don't find yourself with
no working microphones.
It is also a good idea to always have a
microphone with you. If anything goes wrong
whether it is battery related or simply a matter of
interference at a particular venue you will still have
a working microphone.
Often times I reserve the wireless mics for the guests,
and I use a wired microphone for my announcements
and such. Generally the DJ is always within a couple
of feet of the DJ equipment, so wireless is not a
necessity. At minimum, always have one available,
even if you don't use it most of the time.
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