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So You Want To Be A DJ.
unsanitary, it's easy to wipe the mic down below your
table or somewhere out of sight to avoid making that
person feel singled out.
Take it from an experienced DJ: if you don't have
some kind of wipes on hand, you will one day find
yourself in a situation where you wish you had spent
the extra $3.
Hand sanitizer is also a good thing to have with you at
all times; bar patrons do not always wash their
Care and Storage
Some microphones especially wireless come with
a padded case for storage. It is best to keep them free
of dust and moisture by keeping them in their case, or
at least in a plastic storage tote along with your mixer
and other equipment.
In the case of rechargeable wireless microphones, it is
actually best
to constantly leave them on the
charger. If you've ever had a cordless drill, you know
is generally a bad thing. I find it
best to put them on the charger only the night before a
gig. This way you are ensured a fresh charge when
you need it most, and it avoids any over-charging.
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