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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Talking over Music
When you talk
music, of course you want to drop
the music level down first using your mixer. It should
be dropped quite low if you need to get the audience's
Another thing to consider is to never talk over
in a song. It becomes difficult for guests to focus on
are saying while lyrics are being sung in the
In this case it's better to simply wait for the song to
end before making your announcement. If the
announcement is of critical importance, simply drop
the music out completely.
One thing to consider with microphones is sanitation,
especially if you are hosting Karaoke gigs. When you
have many random people using your microphones,
germs can be spread easily. I always carry a canister
of anti-bacterial wipes, such as Lysol or Clorox, and I
occasionally wipe down the microphones. At
minimum, I make sure to wipe them down after each
gig, before putting them away for the night.
If you notice someone sneezing or coughing a lot, or
you otherwise get the feeling that the person is
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