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So You Want To Be A DJ.
sound over the PA system that sounds very
Second, the further you hold the mic from your
mouth, the higher you have to turn the volume to be
heard, often resulting in feedback. Holding the mic
closer means you don't need as much amplification,
and the overall result sounds much better.
In my experience, the best way to come across loudly
without hearing your breath over the PA system is to
simply hold the microphone vertically, with the dome
of the mic just touching your chin. This way, the mic
is less than an inch from your mouth, yet you are still
talking across the mic rather than directly into it. You
won't need nearly as much amplification, and the
sound quality is much better as well.
Another key is to actually talk loudly. Only turn your
mic loud enough to be heard, and use your voice to
compensate. This way you sound more enthusiastic,
rather than just amplified speech. Never mumble;
always talk as though you are talking to someone
about 15 feet away from you, and always vary your
voice rather than speak in monotone.
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