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So You Want To Be A DJ.
I recommend going to Guitar Center or another music
store, and actually trying out different microphones. If
they want your sale, they will give you all the time
you need to make your decision. Try each mic out on
a good sound system, and find the one that you feel
you sound best with.
It may help to bring a friend with to get a third-party
perspective, or to even record yourself on each mic so
you can hear the playback. This way you hear what
others hear.
For your Karaoke microphones the ones you'll let
guests use I highly recommend going with
microphones. With wireless mics, you don't have to
worry about cord tangles, and it makes the singer feel
more free to move around the stage area.
If you do choose wireless, first test the sound quality
with your own voice. Make sure the highs are crisp,
and the lows are deep. Also test for feedback if you
(or a customer) walk to close to a speaker, is it prone
to feedback easily. Different microphones have
different characteristics, so some will be more prone
to feedback than others.
The other issue is range and quality of the radio
signal. After all, a wireless microphone is nothing
more than a radio transmitter, so it can be prone to
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