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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Chapter 4: Microphones and Techniques
When it comes to microphones, many people think
that one microphone is the same as any other. This is
simply not true.
If you think of a band, the guitarist always has his
preferred brand and even specific model of guitar. The
drummer spent a lot of time putting together his drum
kit based on his preference of each piece. So why
should a singer, or a voice actor (including a DJ) use
just any random microphone.
For any voice actor, the microphone
instrument. So why shouldn't you pick the microphone
that makes
sound the best you possibly can.
Every person has different voice characteristics, so
your choice of microphone is yours alone.
Many singers, comedians, and voice-over actors have
their preferred microphone. So how do you know
which microphone does your voice the best. Just like
any other instrument, it's a matter of trial-and-error
and personal preference. If your voice happens to
sound great on a particular microphone which may
be high-end or an inexpensive model then you
should choose that microphone.
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