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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Physical Size and Weight
When choosing your speakers, don't forget that they
need to fit in your vehicle at the end of the day. Make
sure that you will have room for your speakers, along
with your other equipment, without obstructing
visibility or risking damage to your vehicle. More
than once I have had to replace a window because my
speaker toppled over while driving...
Also consider that if you are using tripod speaker
stands, you have to be able to lift the speakers onto the
stands. Make sure they are not too heavy for you to
You may even find yourself in a situation where you
have to park some distance from where you will set
up, or you may have to carry the speakers up a flight
of stairs or through a very crowded room.
While you want big and loud sound, the whole idea is
that your sound system is supposed to be
Always keep that in mind when choosing your
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