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So You Want To Be A DJ.
What Size or Brand Should I Get.
This is a question with a lot of variables. First off, you
have to consider what size of venue you anticipate
working. What kind of music do you think you will
find yourself playing the most.
If you plan to play mostly Rock or Country music,
any high-powered setup should be fine. If however
you plan to play a lot of Rap, Hip-Hop, or Dance
music, you will most likely want to add a
to your speaker system to handle the low bass lines. In
any case, your ear is the ultimate judge.
If you choose to add a subwoofer, you will most likely
place it close to the DJ table or perhaps directly
underneath it. In this case, make sure your mixer has a
separate output that you can use so that your
microphone signals do
feed the subwoofer, or at
least lower the Bass control on the microphones. This
will avoid embarrassing feedback and rumbling when
you speak.
Go visit some music stores and actually listen to
different speakers. Bring your own CD with some
songs representative of what you plan to play, and ask
them to let you test out the speakers. If they want your
business, they will have all of their speakers hooked
up to a sound system and they will most likely allow
you to crank them up. Your ears are the only real
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