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So You Want To Be A DJ.
handle the wattage that the amplifier supplies. If
not, it can be easy to damage your speakers.
Instead of smaller signal wires, you need heavy-
duty speaker wire to go from the amplifier to
the speaker to handle the wattage the amplifier
supplies. This makes extending the wires more
expensive if you need a longer run.
The choice will depend on personal preference more
than anything. Powered speakers tend to be easier to
manage, as long as you keep in mind that each
speaker will have to be near an electrical outlet.
Passive speakers are better for small settings where
the speakers will not be far away from the DJ station.
They are also great for permanent installations, since
the speaker wires will only need to be run once. For a
portable setup however, powered speakers tend to
make the most sense.
You can also use a combination of both passive and
powered speakers. You may have two main speakers
near the DJ table that are passive, and one or two
powered speakers that you set further away.
Wireless Powered Speakers
You can also find
powered speakers. These
are still powered speakers, so they still need to be
plugged into an electrical outlet; however, you do not
need to run a signal wire to them. These are great for
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