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So You Want To Be A DJ.
I like to use a glass jar, such as that you might use for
canning, and I usually “seed" it with a dollar bill at the
start of the gig. Never ask for tips out loud, and never
tell a guest that you'll only play their song if they tip
you. You are being paid good money to be there, so
tips are not expected. They are simply a way for a
guest to show his or her appreciation if they choose to
do so.
At the end of the night you might find yourself with
an extra five dollars, but every bit counts. Don't
expect to get rich via the tip jar though.
In my experience, I find that a smaller crowd will tend
to tip more than a larger crowd. I suspect this is
because the smaller crowd receives more personal
attention, and/or they feel bad that you don't have a
larger crowd.
You should always have a personal checklist to ensure
you do not forget anything. All vital items – your
mixer, microphones, various cables, wires and power
supplies – should be included.
You should also include tasks that need to be
to the gig; things like charging your
microphones, making sure your laptop is up-to-date,
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