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So You Want To Be A DJ.
collapsable versions take very little room in your
One thing to consider is how to store all of the various
pieces of equipment, cables, microphones, etc. Large
plastic storage totes are ideal, as they will be water-
resistant and keep out dust. You could invest in a DJ
case, but I find them to be too heavy and bulky.
Plastic totes are light-weight and inexpensive, and it's
easy and inexpensive to go bigger or add an additional
tote as you acquire new items down the road.
Your computer should be stored separately in a laptop
bag, or even a separate tote just for computer
equipment (including your external hard drive, etc).
Try to keep the computer equipment away from your
speakers, as speakers have very large magnets that can
damage your data. Keep this in mind even as you load
your equipment into your vehicle.
Tip Jar
Always have a tip jar on your table, visible to the
crowd. You might be surprised at how many people
throw a tip in your jar, where if no jar is available they
would simply not think of it.
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