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So You Want To Be A DJ.
Beware, however, of the “up-sell". They
try to
talk you into things you don't necessarily need. They
may insist that you need bigger speakers, more power,
a “feedback destroyer", etc. Remember, these sales
people work on commission, so be careful that you
don't spend more money than you had planned on
DJ Table and Canopy
One item often overlooked is the DJ Table. Some gigs
will have a table, booth, or other place for you to set
up; however, often times you will need to provide
your own table.
It is best to find a sturdy, foldable table that you can
easily transport. A foldable “card table" is usually too
flimsy to handle your computer, mixer, and amplifier;
you should find a sturdy
table, which
should cost around $40 for a 6-foot version. These
tables usually last a long time, are quite sturdy, and
you will find it indispensable.
Another small investment that will prove handy is a
. A simple, collapsable canopy can be a life
saver in situations where you are working outdoors
and there is light rain. It will also provide much
needed shade in sunny conditions. You can usually
find such a canopy for less than $30, and the
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