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So You Want To Be A DJ.
quality equipment are
suitable for DJ or public
address purposes. You are better off purchasing from
a store that sells
cables and equipment.
It is best to visit a music store such as Guitar Center
for your cabling needs, or online at a site such as
. The cables that connect your
microphones, mixer, and speakers will generally be
1/4" Phone
plugs. Anything that uses an
connection should be gold plated, as should any
smaller 1/8" jacks such as that coming from your
laptop computer.
These cables will cost more money, but they will
generally provide years of flawless service. If you go
cheap on your interconnecting cables, you will regret
it I know this from years of experience. There is
nothing more embarrassing than having to wiggle
connections in the middle of a job because your left
speaker is cutting in and out, or you can't get
Microphone 2 to work right...
The Up-sell
When you shop for your equipment, usually the sales
person at the music shop will be able to help you
figure out exactly what you need to get started. They'll
make sure you have the right cables and other
accessories to get everything hooked up.
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