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So You Want To Be A DJ.
console. In most cases, a 4- or 8- channel mixer will
be more than sufficient. Anything more than that will
simply be wasted space and money. Those larger
mixer consoles are intended for studios or bands; as a
DJ, you usually only need one or two microphone
inputs, and a stereo input for your music source.
Your mixer combines the sounds from your
microphone(s) and your music source, and it outputs
the resulting mix. From there, the sound needs to be
amplified and projected to the audience by way of a
speaker system. There are many different ways to
make this happen, all covered in the next chapter.
When looking for a mixer board, you may try stores
such as Guitar Center or any
pro music
shop, as well
as online sources. Often you can obtain a
like new
mixer, as well as other equipment, second-hand via
eBay or CraigsList.
Cables and Wires
When choosing speaker wires, extension cords, and
other wiring, one old adage comes to mind:
you get
what you pay for.
It's simple: if you purchase your cables at a discount,
from a
flea market
, or some inexpensive store, you
won't have quality cables. Stores that sell
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