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So You Want To Be A DJ.
rewarding, and you'll meet all kinds of new people.
Often people have a certain respect for the DJ it's
almost like being a rock star... but don't get a big ego,
as it will cost you future gigs if you have too much of
an attitude. Always remember, you are providing a
service and being paid for your talents. Customer
service is the
component to being successful as a
Overall I have learned a lot about dealing with clients
and customers, keeping up with the latest music as
well as having all of your classics, and how to judge a
crowd. I've also learned a lot about sound equipment,
computer hardware and software, and so much more.
I wish to share my experiences with you, so that you
can have as rewarding an experience as I have. I will
walk you through my first DJ experience, which can
be nerve-wracking, to the comfort zone you will
experience once you have a few gigs under your belt.
Once you have some experience, you walk into a gig
with some authority. Instead of being nervous, you
simply say I need an electrical outlet here, and I'm
going to set the speakers here and here...". After a
while, you realize that
are the expert hired to do
the job, and the client generally respects your opinions
and suggestions.
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So You Want To Be A DJ? Home | Buy Paperback | Virtual DJ Studio

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