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So You Want To Be A DJ.
investment on the part of the DJ. If done properly and
professionally, this investment will pay for itself after
a while, and will provide years of income opportunity
with a little hard work. Since most gigs will be at
night or on weekends, you can still keep your day job
and make extra money doing something you enjoy.
This book also covers hosting a
Karaoke is a system where you play specially
recorded music that has no vocals, and the customer
sings the song using the lyrics prompted on a monitor
or television screen. More information on this topic
appears in Chapter 9.
About the Author
I have been a DJ for approximately 15 years, and I've
worked in every situation you can imagine. From bars
to clubs, graduation parties to weddings, I've done it
all. I've DJ'd for young children as well as the elderly.
I've worked indoors with no air conditioning in
August, and outdoors in the pouring rain covering my
equipment with garbage bags. I've worked for all
kinds of very demanding people, and very boring
of the time, I have as much fun as the
people paying me to be there. It can be quite
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