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So You Want To Be A DJ.
which is beyond the scope of this book. You
also have your
Hip-Hop Artist
and your
, also not covered here. These are all highly
specialized fields that require talent, years of training,
and a lot of hard work to get into.
For the purposes of this book, a
is a person who
provides musical entertainment for parties, events,
bars, or even weddings. The entertainment usually
consists of music and perhaps some voice work to
entertain and engage the crowd, without being
invasive on the other aspects of the event.
Unlike a
juke box
, a DJ provides a more interactive
form of entertainment, including taking requests,
announcing drink specials or contests, and otherwise
involving audience participation so that they feel they
are a part of the entertainment.
This is the reason a DJ is paid to do what we do, and
why we are worth paying extra instead of simply
putting up a CD changer or iPod on shuffle it's not
just music, it's an entire entertainment package. You
have to engage the crowd, choose the appropriate
music for the moment, and create a
that shows
that you are in tune with the guests.
The DJ generally provides the music and sound
equipment, so there is an initial and on-going
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